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Swashbuckled - tekst karaoke

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Gather round and listen As I tell you now this tale The grim legacy of the pirates three And how their lives ceased to be I'll tell you know of Redrum The ginger commodore He got a case of scurvy rot And then that bastard was no more This is the tale of Captain Crashride By his crew, condemned and damned And as if this wasn't bad enough They replace him with a baldy man Now his ghost haunts the sea Eternally he's doomed to wander Mayhaps you'll hear his deathly cries C'mon son, buy a Honda! To the end of time we will sail the seas With cutlasses in hand We'll terrorize the land Though the hands of fate may strike us down We'll fight til we fall Swashbucklers til we die This is the tale of Admiral Nobeard The fattest pirate in the west He's never seen his ball before And he needs a bra to hold his breasts Feared by friends and foe alike No sword nor gun could wound his flesh But one day he met his fate Twas on a pretzel he choked to death Vice na

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