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Pendulum Heart - tekst

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Swing of the pendulum, my red hot passion
Conveys the need to scream
On a canvas unready for the heat of my voice
Doomed to melt through walls of steam
A strike of the feather and a jolt from the sting
Sound the echo of my failures
Which I bear no more to sing
A word from the father and a swing of the string
Sound the voices in my head
Which crown me a delusional king
The concealed alternator
My pendulum heart
Swing of the pendulum, ice cold depression
Thermal shock hits the bone
Around me a circle of monoliths of rime
Surrounded, I stand alone
A desolate landscape and the silence within
Paint a picture of defeat
Which fills the canvas once again
A necropolis brimming, filled with corpses in decay
Each a cruel monument

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