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They're crawling all over my mind
They're crawling all out of my mind
There's only so much advantage for the taking
I've been buried here for years

For I am dripping with stars

Once golden shower of sparks pouring in and out;
Shattering every dancing synapse
Infiltrating the bored holes in my skull
I just need a little nail to alleviate the pressure
If only they'd oblige me

Do let me know when it's all over
I just can't take the joke
It went over my head
It went through my head
Once, twice, thrice, sunrise!

But it would not take my thoughts away

They couldn't wash my brain; it crackled, yeah, with all that static
Syrup of thoughts of malaise
Had to settle for being picked clean by vaudeville vultures in the final laundrette of the soul
Didn't want the ticket out of here
Couldn't see the fucking point in running
Gunning for the six foot hole
Forever chasing tales only to bury a hammer in the shattered beauty of their lies
It's all untruth dancing behind the eyes
I could feel them all jostling against my retina
I tried to blink them all away
They are going nowhere

They form a thick string of drool consuming my everything
They hermetically seal my tomb
My eyes my tomb
My skull my tomb
Roll this curse away

Only way out is putrefaction
Then I can run away with myself
As my old friend gravity dictates I can go any way I please...
To run through the runnels...
Just as long as it's down
Coagulating, south bound

Far from the sun

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