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The Book of Breath - tekst

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Icon of the ages
Make my way with will
Favored by the sages
Tempered in the furnace
Flames fanned by bellows
Of a breath infernal.
Hammer and anvil
Beat impurities from ore
Inhale The Book of Breath
Melt fissure from core
In heap of iron slag
Steam shrouds the forge
Demon's face stares back
They shall hear Hell roar!
In flush of ember's afterglow
Cauterize our weeping gashes
Wash our filth away with ashes
Inhale The Book of Breath
Vulcan's craft lend art
Burn our blistered palms
The forge will melt the dark
Scab lungs to fry out spit of spark
And we shall sink like lead
No inch of flesh left unscarred
Distant echoes, boiling bellows
Scorch ether crisp and charred
"We sink like lead
No soul unscathed
The echo of bellows
Forever engraved
Our mystic lore will die with us
We do as Guild commands"
Inhale The Book of Breath

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