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With the Mists She Came - tekst

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With the mists I'll come
With the wind I'll go
And you'll never see me again
Endless is the time of grief and desolation
I'm doomed alone these mists to dwell
Until the end of time
Oh, human, don't try to break me
There's no need to do that
Don't waste your time and your powers
For I'm already broken inside
With the mists she'll come
In the darkness of the silent night
Time will linger
And the moon shall not shine above
In the mists she's caught
With her cold and silent force
With the wind she'll go
Will I ever see her again?
Go to the old fir-tree forest
Follow the river up to its spring
Under the roots and the waters
You'll find a box inlaid with a ring
And there lies the magical stone

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