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Rain, Scars, and the Climb - tekst


Tears are falling like rain,
and tenderly they caress
my wounded skin.
I remember everything I lived.
Every scar on me is a painful memory.
I'm chasing sweet illusions of joy,
but it seems I can't reach them.
I'm swallowing Ketazolam pills,
for making my mind slowly numb.
I'm feeling so empty and sorrowful.
I only desire to die in this emptiness.
My subconcious is stopping me again
from falling down this climb.
Let me do it!
Don't stop me again!
Let me go!
Don't hold me right now!
All the treatments didn't work,
and I'm suicidal again.
I wish to sleep forever.
I don't care about living anymore.
My last breath will be exhaled
into deep, dark, waters.
Slowly sinking, dying, and resting
in the eternal peace given.

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