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Time'll change
Slip through the dust
As the bus pulls away from waving hands
And the child star
I bought a comic in the mail
And the sign said
The stories will shake the sheep
From off of you
So gather 'round
Just four more stops again
We'll reach our teachers'
Hallways in the end
Expect the foulest 'cause
Doubt does not allow it
I see the driver in the glass
This car moving past
While they're standing
There's no standing!
The five-year olds eat defeat,
Soiled in the seats when, "Attention!"
And short attention spans.
The boy who sweats when he's caught
Is touching a palm of a pretty sex
Who's cawing, "Where's my baby doll!"
Manny the thief, just lost all his teeth
To his mama, playing baseball.
Ahh oooh...
Pick a place and settle,
Too fast to fright, he pauses
At who fought the likes of
His older pal.
And when they find out who he is,
Her eyes were sorry for
Her brother who waited away "go time"
Her dead costume just flipped her for the fall(?)
And watch the pain go through her
The entire body twisted
Soldiers in the coldness.
The bully grabs at my hair,
And punches they fell toward me,
Tells me, "gonna get me now"
The driver pushes the gas,
The bully's schemes caught fast
So he spins back,
Got his attention now.
He hits the brakes and we slide
And his head hits the side
And he screams out,
“Creeps, I'll take you all!”
And then he grabs penny dreadful, and looks on the check fulls,
And my head sinks, my friends have left my shore
Then there's the stop where Sarah climbs in, she says,
“Darling, where's your heart been”
He laughs in his place
She spits in his face and says, “Bully, you leave my boy alone
Everybody came down just to see me leaving
Baby take my hand now can't you see I'm happy
When the story's mine I think I'll tell it different
It's a shame to hear the sound
When the penny hit the ground
And I want to go back home
When does this bus leave”

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