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Why Don't You - tekst

Why don't you just let go
And quiet down your ego
Don't complain about finance
I know your Daddy weren't a real man
Go ahead and live your dreams
To me you're stronger than a whole team
I know you can't relax, and you don't want me to know that
I see you work real hard
You wanna help your friends, but trust me baby
You don't owe them
Don't take on people's problems
I wanna see you smile
Even when you think I'm angry
It's true it might take a while
But it's between you and me
Where's some? Where some? Oh no
I know you check my texts
Don't you worry about my ex
I might be on his mind
But I never reply
Remember all the weekends
I said I'll make some changes
And you said you'll do the same thing
And I don't wanna fight my king
I had you when you was weak
You caught me on my knees
Don't pressure me for some kids
And I won't pressure you for marriage
I know it's never the right time
But we gotta do things on our time
Sometimes I still doubt myself
But at least now I love myself
And I am quite emotional
That's why you can't get close at all
So I start to push away
The ones that love me cus I'm scared that they might walk away
I'm not perfect
So I try every day and I grow a little bit
Read a little more so I can educate my fears
Reap for my soul and cleanse my spirit
Pray cus I'm ready for the bloom of the sea
Peace and serenity is all that I need
Sometimes we fall in love
Love is always enough
Sometimes we fall in love
Love is always enough
Sometimes we fall in love
Love is always enough
Where's some? Where's some? Oh no

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