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Floating around in nothingness
in the darkness of might and the sea
Like driftwood sailing these waves
Tell me who I am and who I’ll be
Lost at the sea of memories
On my way to shores unknown
Unbeknownst to my final destiny
I am lost and on my own
As I am here
What comes next the future will tell
I carry my past
I know I’ve been through hell
And I was there
Drowning in this ocean of misery
Take me away
Let this water cleanse me
Drifting away, to a brighter place
Drifting away, from wretchedness
Drifting away, chasing my dreams
Drifting away, from my regrets
Drifting away, away from this hell
Drifting away
Drifting away
Floating on this sea of my memories
Will I wash ashore free from pain
What is my final destiny
As I reach these shores unknown
Is it a new begin
Is it a new life
Or am I coming home

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