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Shadows (with Mihu Ilie) - tekst


And there I am
Longing for her
When tears are falling
Dead on the ground

The fear of waking up in the morning just to find out that you’re not here anymore crushes my every bone, like the biggest storm mankind knows
Unsettled and troubled is my mind just bearing the thought that everyone will be dust at some point and the world will be left in ruins

Her short white hair
As time went by
An apparition
Of death itself

No one is spared
No one can stay
Into eternity
That is forbidden

The world is so small, I am falling
Behind the doors, only words in vain
Pick up the my sins and call me
Don’t leave me hanging here in pain

Behind the face of a broken wall
There is my shadow crawling to break free
Desperate to end the freefall
Only to find you, again, forever

Mysterious faces
Walking around me
Sinking slowly
Into the ground

To guide my spirit
To guide my senses
In the unbounded
And so cruel world

I will be senseless
I will be blinded
Without your warm
And frail embrace

So stay with me
A little longer
And keep me safe
From my regrets

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