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Sick Sad Little World - tekst

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Get up, wake up don't throw your life away
Get up, wake up you don't want to do this anymore
Freak out, break out it's not you who's gonna fail
Freak out, break out it's the sick sad little world
Everytime you look into a piece of broken mirror
You'll catch a glimpse of your past but not what you are
There is no retrieval, there is no relief
You see yourself as a servant of your mutilated soul
Every time it's not you
Every time you could change
Every time it's not easy
Every time take the consequence!
[Get up, wake up...]

Every time we tell a story no one listens
Every time we're searching in the past for reasons
Instead of trying to forget and stand up and fight
Because we're living in a sick sad little world
Everytime you pull the pin out of your thin little arm
You think you're getting stronger but you're a piece of waste
Is this really the kind of life you want to live
You're acting like a coward and just to your own taste
[Every time it's...]
Do you see yourself? Is this really you? The mirror, the past, the relief in you?
[Get up, wake up...]

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