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Two born of the same
Disciples of this nocturnal game
I am a living shadow Death Dealer I be named
Wolves no longer enslaved
Tonight I'll stand and face the pack alone
For all these deadly sins I must atone
In the age of darkness we were meant to destroy
We're the hunter killers dealing death we deploy
Shadows in the moonlight they will not hear a sound
We disappear at daylight dwelling deep underground
They know me by my given name Death Dealer
Faster than death don't try to run
Swift with a sword quick with a gun
Sharp silhouette venomous eyes
Russian roulette deadly disguise
Ancient my kings brother I kill
He's the ultimate foe but none can match my skill
These beasts are not evolving
So I cut through their bloody brigade
Fueled by bullets and blades
Mankind cannot kill what they don't understand
Though this is not their war they die by my hand
Death Dealer
Live for dying and die for fighting until the end of time
Those defying we're crucifying we drink their blood like wine
Intoxicating this mess we're making as they stand their ground
Our ballistics leaves their existence with no trace to be found
Death Dealer
This war is near the end the deed is done
Immortals standing tall forever fight as one
Death dealer I be named!

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