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Slay or Be Slain - tekst

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I am a victim of the ages
I've seen the things I love shattered
And then splattered on the ground
I am exploding with these rages
I left the past behind me
Now they call upon me once again
We ride this starry night
We're one this beast and I
Our hearts together beating faster
And yes you should have known
That I am not alone
You slaves of war, I am your master
Slay or be slain
'Til the last one screams your name
I am here to be feared
And some say I'm insane
Slay or be slain
All resistance is in vain
When I'm here, disappear
Or you won't be seen again
An agent of mass devastation
I am a silhouette
See me now emerging from the flames
From me there will be no salvation
My wrath will be my guide
Vengeance comes for those
Who did betray
We reach the castle gate
My men don't hesitate
Our bloody swords
And shields are screaming
Through waves of lesser men
I've come to conquer them
Of total victory I'm dreaming
[Repeat chorus]
[Lead - Stu]
This throne room I will take
More widows I will make
The city burning bright beneath me
[Lead - Stu]
I hold his severed head
And show the world he's dead
My foes all know I show no mercy
[Lead - Stu]
[Repeat chorus]
[Lead - Stu]

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