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I heard a voice whisper: "Transfigure all;
You're burning down the city
Just to build it up again"
I have a dream to stand up tall, immortalized
I build a statue that will stand eternity

Divine intervention has brought me to the throne
The emperor sees through an actors eyes
The show goes on
A new beginning... let's play
All of the world's my stage

In my mind there are vast plans impending
And when aligned a new world will rise
My secret friend has been aiding me, to find a way
Through our cosmic intercourse

Don't be afraid now!
Wake up from confusion!
Stay the course thought!
I am here, the Gods are not
I'm not the one who's in need of protection
The gods need aid from me

All his work is delayed
The funds are running few
Employing his last resort
He launches a suicide campaign
When the dark cloaks a traitor
And the "busy bees" employs
Then, the vanquish of the senate will begin

A foe of the state and an emperor of his dreams
And so he prepares his suicide
"The world will lose the greatest artist that lived"
Echoes his words today

Five birds are flying past unfertile soil
Then circling by a lifeless emperor
They separate their ways; its a sign
Like waves are approaching the coastline
His life pulls closer to the end
The tyrant's reign is at its ending

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The Iron Cemetery

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