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The sun unveils a crusaders sword
And its reflection: a desert ambush
The wind is leading the way for disaster
A sultan and a king engage in war

A man ensconced in the Holy City is reading the signs
And prepares a stronghold for fight
Ravens fly through a blood red sky, stars cry

Hello there friend and soldier
Nice to have in arms a brother
Nice to die on such a lovely day
We are the front line
First in place and long remembered
Our end be the start of this song

It swallows its prey as the desert digest

This day is leading the way for disaster
They see the demon in each others eyes
Who falls and who's left to rise, only God will know

The battle leads on, a vicious & terrible nightmare
In the heat of the moment every second my count
Roll the dice! Write the history only victors can do

And as he bravely ends the death throe from his foe
Saladin exclaims in exultation:
"Jerusalem is mine. I want to celebrate this day
This city is my holy grail. I will control it now"

They are lost in a battle. In a blink of an eye
In the heat of the moment, you are waiting to die

I will not end you
We are kings, and kings stand tall
You will have your game without your pieces
I will return in thousand years
And move my kind from east to west
We will control you all

And if you look out for the signs
You remember what I tell you:
"Quod sumus - hoc eritis!"

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The Iron Cemetery

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