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The Ugly Duckling - tekst


The pain that I feel
The agony
The tribulation
Is something I will overcome
And I see the swan pond
It's hard to imagine a life free of strain

I want this life that I am constantly denied
They raise their hand in repugnance
But I will get through

Hey, duck
Go and hide inside!
You are to foul and ugly to socialize
You might even scare them off
Complain and cry
You are a sucker
You are a nasty case
Your face should be hidden
Your presence forbidden

Inside I am a diamond
But turning inside out
Is painfully complicated
Now I will take my life and my leave

Looking into the water
Too shocked to duck and drown
I'm not the one that I used to be
The mirror shows a swan

Hey swan
Play with us tonight
Follow the secret path where the river ends
We welcome you to our home
This way!
Come now!
Follow the secret path where the river ends
You came out of nowhere
We want you to live your lfie

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