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Shadows pervade the void where compassion once dwelled in my heart
Shattered, for what I've become and allowed myself to do
Tearing away piece by piece until there’s nothing left to strip away
Foolishly giving myself away, robbing myself of purity

Failing to justify my actions, thoughtless self indulgence
Temporary satisfaction corroding away
Carelessly withering away everything I am
Mind deluged with endless crimson flow, overwhelming

Euphoria couldn’t last long enough to make me more of a man
Lessening me each time I act upon my instincts
I have become nothing more than a devolved form of myself
Eyes closed again hoping to find who I am

Make me strong enough to survive
Demons are trying to take my life
Tempting me with all my greatest fears
I’m hoping for this chance tonight
To prove myself that it's alright
To be the man I was created to be

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Super Metal (EP)

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