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Well, all the choices we made were wrong,
They lied on voices we've heard through this road alone.
What we have learned from our past mistakes,
Will make what we have, become what we make.

Well, all the faces we've seen on the road,
repeat themselves as we never grow old.
Vital lessons we choose to ignore,
On this side of the Victory Shore.

We fight for freedom against ourselves
We claim protection inside of our own shells
Desensitized by the dream that you feed
we never get what we really need.

As we shout for peace
powers that be annihilate what we believe
Shows no mercy to the ones that run
Hypocrisy, on this side of Victory Shore

So where is the soul we need to realize
There is a war outside our walls
Will we survive?
So tell me what are we waiting for. to fight?
Rise up unite the time has come, shine your light!

On this side of Victory Shore

Tekst dodał DevilDan

Wideo dodał DevilDan

Revolution Part I (EP)

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