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Floating On The Murmuring Tide - tekst


Born to sudden loss
When hopes is left to die
Opportunities and talents
You let them all erode
The walls are all torn down
And all the bridges burned

Floating on the murmuring tide
Walk to the highest mountain
Wherever you are
No devotion left
As the sun sets
The moon shall rise

Through the years of pain and sorrow
And broken memories
Times of trial and tribulations
Distorted your reality
All faith forever washed away
By everlasting rain
When the world has taken its toll
There is no place too far from grace
Weakening fire in your eyes

Burn and like it

Memories from the past hunting you down
Sneaking up on you like a vicious fiend
Adoring what has never been
Piece by piece you have lost a part of yourself

More and more each day
And all the days thereafter

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