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To The Core - tekst


Devastation of the present
Hunger for self-glorification
Hail evil and watch it rise
Mental self-destruction
To the core

Fruitless deeds of darkness
Hunger for more
Burning all bridges
Havoc and war
No turning back
Destruction in mind
To the core

Pathetic actions
Ruin and havoc
Confused and misled by their own rage
Poisoning their souls
Source of their own misery
They gain nothing

Hollow men with hollow words
Living such a tragedy
Pulling themselves down the drain
A fanatical search for damaging stimulus
Catalysts a negative chain reaction
A self-destructing life code
To the core

They gain nothing

Morbid fascination of death
Seduced and led astray
Sinking into the deepest void

Deserted man with no ambition
Weak souls falling apart
Laying to waste a wealth of talent
In the end they are losing themselves
In the end you are losing yourself

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