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Peer into my eyes
Eclipsed lenses reflect the distance
Between you and me
We are further than we seem
Hold my breath
My fingertips graze your palms
But the warmth is gone
Left to stumble in the dark
I blinked and part of me was gone
Hope goes up in smoke
Vapor dissipates
I lost my shadow
I feel you slipping away
But I need you to stay
You contour the source
To black out the light
My shadow
For the sake of life
I cross the line
To look back at the day
I left myself behind
Self separated from soul
I lost my shadow
Black out
Dancing shapes against the wall
The somber melody inside
Sings in black and white
The glow flickers out
Glimmer into night
I lost my shadow
Black out the light
Hollow, cold
Self from soul
Self separated from soul
I lost my shadow, black out the light
Hollow and cold, self from soul

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