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Less Than Three - tekst


Well I met her in a bar
Yeah well who would’ve guessed
We were the perfect match
Twin fading shades of trashed
Her name was Nona
Well I’m not the world’s most passionate guy
Yeah truth be told I’m bags of awkward and shy
But so is Nona
It still seems surreal how it felt so right
That hot summer night and when the sun came out
As it lit up her eyes I fell head over heels
For the girl of whom I haven’t even dared to dream
Her name was Nona
Well I’m not exactly the greatest catch
Cuz all I’ve got to give is riffs and all I’ve got to take is naps
But she wants me yeah
I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth
And though I’ve been known to spread love too thin
I feel like Britney and Justin clad head to toe in denim
When I’m with my Nona
Never forget
Almost too good to be true how we fit so tight
Any closer to you I’d be your parasite
Because bae you dot my i’s and cross my t’s
Short and sweet watcha got is all I’ll ever need
I think I’m in too deep
Hope that’s alright
Cuz I’m setting up camp
And never moving out
Of my Nona

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