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The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor - tekst


During World War I life was a struggle in Berlin
And getting food and staple supplies was a big problem
The desperate German people would buy food upon the street
From the shady street vendors who were selling cuts of meat

Georg Grossman was a very gross man
Selling meat on the street to the people of Berlin
Georg claimed the meat was beef or pork butchered just for them
But little did they know that Grossman was deceiving them

Georg Grossman lived in a Berlin slum apartment and asked for special privileges
But he always paid his rent
He wanted kitchen privacy with no disturbances
So the landlord did comply with his tenant's wishes


Georg Grossman was a big man with a violent past
Arrested many times and on kid died from his attracts
He supported himself by begging and peddling on the street
With one legitimate vocation, he learned to butcher meat


Georg brought many prostitutes back to his apartment
He'd take them to the kitchen with no suspicions from tenants
But the tenants didn't know that Georg was butchering his prey to sell the meat
upon the street the very next day

Georg Grossman was a very gross man
Turning people into cannibals in Berlin
He claimed the meat was beef or pork butchered just for them
But the meat came from the prostitutes murdered by Grossman

Throughout the war Georg Grossman sold his special cuts of meat
Making cannibals out of Germans saying it was pork or beef
And then one night the landlord heard screaming in the kitchen
He called the police who found a woman prepared for butchering


Georg Grossman was not willing to supply information
They estimated he butchered at least 50 women
The court convicted Grossman and they sentenced him to die
He hung himself in the prison Georg committed suicide


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