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Watch what you say
What what you do
Their looking your way
Coming for you
Tapping your phone
Watching your screen
Checking to see if you’re being obscene
Surveillance State
It’s already too late
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Brought to you by the
Intel inside
Searches are logged
Flagged and filed
Pose for the camera
Give us a smile
Protests not working
They know our location
How can they locate us
Oh god turn the phones off now
Up in the Sky
Look at the drones
Looking at me
Follow me home
What do they see
What do they hear
They read every thought my biggest fear
Here they are now
Inside my home
Won’t leave me be
Won’t leave me alone
Inside my fridge
Under my bed
Behind the stove
Inside my head
Que encontraran dentro de mi
Dentro mis celulas ya viven ahi
Dime que puede uno hacer
Contra todo este maldito poder
No tiene caso
Pelear el estado
Ellos te localizan
Despues te fucilaran

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