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Path Of Destiny - tekst


The distant roars of thunder pound your thoughts unsure
You feel so alive!
Beneath the ashes they lie, the seeds that must be sown
Deep in the hearts of men

Their cries are taunting, makes your blood run cold
As the fifth circle passes by
There'll be no dawn before the end of days
Running through the fire!

There's no fight - no wrong, no right - on the way your path of destiny
Every choice you choose - you'll win, not lose - never stray your path of destiny

Don't ever criticize the things you can't believe
It's a state of mind
You're only focus should be the things you wanna achieve
Cut out the dogmas that the past has left behind

Into the realms of everything unknown
You must strive to decide your fate
No one can learn without one getting burned
Run into the fire!

It's no use living in this solitude
Hopelessness looming in the air
Climb out of the ground to reach the altitude
What no ones sees, no one can care - no...

Find your destiny!

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