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And I fly
Further away
Than I've ever been before
It's safe to say
This sky
Is lonely and grey
But every night I feel your gravity waves
And the world is cold
But it's beautiful
I wish you were here now
I miss your soul
But you lost your light
When the darkness called
But I stand here waiting
The last to fall
And I fly
Above the enslaved
My soul is burning
Like an earth reclaimed
And I try
A final crusade
This world is changing
But I'm still the same
And will you be bold
Will you lose control?
I could never desert you
I could never let go
If you fall in line
And the zenith calls
I'm standing waiting
The last to fall
It's your magnetic hold
A gravity pull
I can feel you in waves
When your melody comes
It falls from above
I will not be afraid

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