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Hide, stay out of sight
Everyone's in chains but me
I'm the only one
The only hope to set them free
If you want to save your friends
I have to find the key
If you want to stay alive now
It's time to flee
Right! Give me advice
Where is the man to hold the key?
Lights! turn off the lights
In the dark they can not see
In the cover of the darkness
I will take the key
Carry on, you must be fast now
Someone's coming near
On your quest to escape from the castle
You will find out a secret inside
As an ancient lore from Atlantic shores
Will open up your mind
A device unbeknownst to the pirates
From a world long before our time
Elemental force will direct the course
To the city once divine
Oh you foes stay away from me
Anyone I can bring down
Call for your king now
Out of your mind, out of your mind
Dtill I see no other way
Out of your mind, out of your mind
Let the fight begin, let's end it all
Today today today
You will never escape from the castle
He is blessed with the power of gods
Every note I play is a masterpiece
On it's own that's what they say
He is more than a man he's a Master
Undefeated and second to none
You will pay the price with your own demise
Now the battle has begun
I didn't know where I belonged
A life on the road to nowhere
Now it seems I saved the day
And i found my own way
Beyond the borders of the sea
You came across your promised destiny
Now I can see what I'm chosen to be
And my mind is finally flying free

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Beyond the Borders