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Chemistry - tekst


She looked in my eyes
Said where does it hurt
Buried alive she’s pulling my body
Straight from the dirt
Am i still alive
Is this what its worth
How could you ever feel love
If you’ve never been hurt

Baby its a late night
Blowing up my phone
Don’t ask me where i came from
Just tell me where to go
Got that look in your eyes
I just wanna take you home
Dim the lights baby
Drop it down low

I keep my eyes wide open
Never fall, never fall
I keep my eyes wide open
Never fall, never fall

All my life
I’ve been waiting for you
(waiting for you)

Whenever your next to me
Girl its just ecstasy
You feel the energy
Girl its our chemistry
Lets make a memory
Moving so steadily
Girl its my specialty
You feel so heavenly
This is our destiny
The perfect recipe
Our secret remedy
Lying here breathlessly

You and me
All i want is you
Next to me
Hear you breath
Hold your body
Close to mine
Take your time
When were making love
(cause we got)

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