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Driving to the party, hardly spoke a word
Disappointing weather, slow records
Honestly I've tried to get my cards in line, and cover up the scars
But sometimes I feel better tethered to the dark
Nothing's come back around
Maybe I'll move on
I couldn't make a single sound
Maybe I'm all gone
When I was younger, I punched my brother and broke his nose
Then I heard the thunder years ago
Shadows in my head paint this city red and keep me up at night
Looking like my father got farther, but getting tired
Nothing's come back around
Maybe I'll move on
I couldn't make a single sound
Maybe I'm all gone
When I was young I felt ashamed
Now I lie in bed and feel afraid
I never knew how things could change
(Maybe I'm all gone)
Goddamn this, why am I awake

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