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I Tried - tekst

Now I been fucken with this chick fa a few months
She expose me to love, she exposed me to trust
She exposed me to us, she exposed me to real
On top of that she always told me how she really feel
She kept it str8 up 100% percent
She way more then a friend we gone ride till the end
Our love extends, our hearts explode
Cause it's feeld with love and won't let go
At times I be thinken bout sayen fuck ya
But if I say that it's like I'm sayen fuck us
And sum times in ma head I cnt trust ya
Wen u goin out witcha friends getten fucked up
No matter how bad I treat chu, I care fa ya
If u ever need me I'm ther fa ya
Together or seperated threw thick an thin
It don't mater cause ull alwayz be ma bestfriend
I no times get hard bt keep ya head up
Bt chu ain't strong enuff so u given up
An that means u neva gave a fuck about us
So that means ther was never really a us
I remember all the times u said u love me
An I no sumtimes u wanna say fuck me
But I'm a stay around jus because I care
But don't be surprised if one day I ain't ther
Now I tried (2 be faithful to ma lady)
And I cried (cause I done did her wrong lately)
And I dnt (eva won't her to hate me)
And never (let anotha man replace me) [x2]
I done feel 4 a heartless chick or shall I say a heartless bitch
That believe every thing that come outa haters lips
But she will neva get it, she be on that kidd shyt
She told me I was the onli nigga that she fell in love with
Bt that's prolly a lie, she said that she would neva lie
Well that's jus a notha lie she feeding all these alibuys
I'm geten tired of this shyt, I wana say free her
She doin all this shyt jus because I could'ntsee her
How the fuck u let that come between a nigga u in love with
It's clear to see that yo ass ain't loved shyt
U said 4 ever an a day id be yo man
But chu prolly out fucken with sum otha man
U wanna wild out, go 2 crazy
And talk 2 otha niggaz u must be fucken crazy
To think I'm a stick around while u doin that
I might assumen bt shyt girl u use 2 that
Neva will I let a bitch take yo fucken place
But chu the type to move on in a instant
With sum otha nigga 1st nite u prolly kiss em
Let em grab ya ass, then u wanna dissmiss em
An go on to anotha nigga damn
Could this nigga list get any bigga (shyt)
I hear alot of shyt about u bt dnt beleve shyt
U hear alot about me an u take it an beleve shyt
Now that's fucked up, weres the fucken love
U said u had fa me, and that ud be mad 2 be
Seperated bt shyt u the one did it
And this shyt fucked up how bitches wana switch it
U wrote me a letter 12 dayz befo u left
On how much u didn't want this 2 end but cho ass left
Should I pt that in ma head as anotha lie
U promise neva to give up, is that anutha lie
Bt I gues that's how it go (shyt) nowa days
And bitches cnt see real love wen it's in they face
That's why most of these hoes stay getten played
Cause all niggaz focuse on is wen they getten laid
Bt I'm a thug it out I'm a be alrite
I dnt need no bdy to keep me satisfied
We was all for 1 now we switched lanes
But if u really loved me ud do the rite thang
[Chorus: x2]
Now I tried (2 be faithful to ma lady)
And I cried (cause I done did her wrong lately)
And I dnt (eva won't her to hate me)
And never (let anotha man replace me) [x2]

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