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Tear The Bed Up - tekst

We gone tear the bed up
I'm a fuck yo head up
I won't give no bread up
Unless u give yo head up
We gone tear the bed up
I'm a fuck yo head up
I won't give no bread up
Unless u give yo head up
We gone tear the bed up
And I'm a fuck yo head up
[Verse 1: Yung LA]
I'm a fuck yo head up
We gone make this bed quake
If I put that dope dick on you, I'm a make yo leg shake
I'm a have u screamin oww
I'm a beat dat pussy down
I'm a stand up in dat thing
I'm a hit dat shit like bow
I'm a go an fuck it up
I might let u suck me up
If u let that dick get sof
TU gotta make it stand back up
Round 1, round 2, u got sumthin left in u
I'm a make u stutter girl
I'm a take yo breath from u
I might be the death of u
Hit u with this murder dick
Double whopper wood shawty, hit u with the meanest stick
I don't want dat other chick
She ain't with dat freaky shit
I got a pair of olsen twins, I call the 2 her double mint
If u know how to work that shit
Shawty I might pay yo rent
I might write your ass a check
Depend on how u do that shit
Let me see u hit that split
Let me see u do that shit
Oww, oww, oww, oww
[Verse 2: Yung LA]
Let her out this bed
Straight fuck up yo head
I might fuck u later on
But first u givin head
I don't get no head
U don't get no bread
But I still will murk that pussy
Kill it till it's dead
Grab u by your neck
Then push back your leg
Kiss u on your tity girl
Then give yo ass that head
Throw u on the floor
Beat that shit some more
Beat tha pussy fast
Beat that pussy slow
Leave that pussy sore
Girl u want some more
I know how 2 throw the dick lil shawty I'm a pro
We gone have some fun
We gone throw some one's
Drop this shit off early
Pass yo ass the one
Hit u with this chopper
Shoot u with this gun
Shawty say she sprung
Got her fucked up bout this tongue
Got this dick like bow
Shake that ass like oww
Lay down on the floor
Gone an do that shit like owww
[Verse 3: Macboney]
U know mac gone tear it up
U know mac gone tear it down
U know mac gone bounce that cock
Hit that pussy 12 rounds
U know mac one put it down
Chew u up & spit u out
U know I'm gone break u off
U know what I'm talkin bout
I'm a stretch that thang out
U gone scream my name out
U don't seem that freaky baby
But that freak done came out
I'm a bang ya brains out
Hit me with that brain power
We been fucking all day
We gone need another hour
U gone need another shower
I'm a make u skeet so hard
I'm a let that air in there
I'm a make that pussy fart
I'm a make u call on god when I get diggin in u
I'm a make u call ya gir
LWhen I get through jiggin with u
Girl this thing I too official
Jump up on this big ol missile
Girl I got a present 4 youI can't wait 2 see u christmas
This is how I gotta get cha
This is how I gotta rip ya
Bow, bow, bow, bow

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