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The morning sun or the moonless night,
I see the god inside them and I feel alright.
[We’re living the life, man.
That’s right, come on.
You're ready, sing it!]
Oh lord, everything on the earth has music inside.
Hey, I can feel my heart beat, waving like the ocean.
We live [we live] in the circle of life.
[Where would I go? What would I do? What would I be without the music?
To live in a silent world? Nah, I refuse it.
The truth is, I’m clueless
without the beat to motivate my soul,
(slipping around) and lose control.
Driven to find the path to satisfaction,
filled with passion,
Lord, I’m asking for a direction.
I’m caught up and I’m lost all up in its beauty.
A world filled with music for you and me!]
Every day I sing, the brotherhood of man,
how grateful it is we’re still alive.
I can feel my soul singing as a bird.
Wherever I go, God stays with me.
The growing trees or the rose in bloom,
I see the god inside them and I feel alright.

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